Case Study: CPG Brand Finds Success with Native Advertising

September 8, 2016 | by David Osman


Detour Sees Lift in Audience Engagement, Leads, and Sales Using Storygize

Detour Simple tasked Storygize to promote a positive earned media mention on to increase website visitors, newsletter subscriptions, and product sales.

Campaign Snapshot

  • 18% Lift in CTR
  • 19% Lift in Engaged Sessions
  • 48% Decrease in Cost/Engagement
  • 59% Decrease in Cost/Conversion


Detour Simple Voted #1 Protein Bar

The marketing team at Forward Foods turned to Storygize to help them to bring awareness to the positive earned media mention.


Capitalize on the article to drive awareness, leads, and sales

The Forward Foods team wanted to increase brand awareness and drive both newsletter subscriptions and sales of their 6 Bar Simple variety pack.


  • Curate the Men’s Health article and place on the Detour blog to deliver target consumers to bring awareness to the award
  • Employ Storygize’s unique engagement tag to measure audience engagement and build a retargeting cookie pool
  • Execute prospecting campaign - Contextually target content categories: Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, News, Sports & Travel
  • Execute retargeting campaign - Reengage website visitors with upsell messaging to promote the new Simple 6 Bar variety pack
  • Utilize Storygize proprietary creative automation to test a range of native ad formats, optimized to the best performing domains, placements and devices.


With the Storygize team managing every aspect of Detour’s campaign, Detour Simple experienced an increase in awareness, newsletter subscriptions and sales of the “Simple 6 Bar” sample packs.


We asked Storygize to help us bring attention to the Men’s Health article that announced Detour as “#1 Protein Bar” and that’s exactly what they did. Not only were we impressed with their cutting-edge “engagement” technology, they managed the complete strategy and day-to-day tactics on our behalf, keeping in close touch with us daily. 

-- Kevin Weatherall, Director of Marketing and Sales, Forward Foods LLC (Detour)


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