6 Steps of Native Ad Story Sequencing

July 28, 2016 | by Tara Stephenson

Regardless of what format a content asset takes (e.g., a blog post, a bylined article, a guide, a white paper, etc.), the actual words, visuals, and other elements constitute the collective message that will be delivered to a target audience. So, it’s important for a brand to prudently craft its messages.

This generally takes the form of aligning content production with each buyer’s journey. This is the exact process marketers take when building out lead nurturing or email drip campaigns. Brands that use marketing automation tools in a robust way should have this done already. If not, appropriate research of the audience, analytics, competitors, media, and trends can help align content to the buyer’s journey.

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Topics: Native Advertising, Consumer Journey, Story Sequencing, Best Practices

How to Map Content to Your Conversion Funnel

June 30, 2016 | by Cassidy "Cattie" Yost

A conversion funnel is one of the most powerful tools at a content marketer’s disposal. Used in conjunction with buyer personas, conversion funnels create a reliable picture of how a customer feels at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Once a brand knows how their audience feels, it is possible to create content that the audience will care about.

A brand that can provide content that is relevant and interesting to its target audience at every step of the way increases the likelihood of a successful content marketing campaign, and thus a powerful native ad campaign. It is essential that content be mapped appropriately to a conversion funnel to increase the likelihood of the consumer moving to the next step in their journey.

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Topics: Native Advertising, Content Strategy, Consumer Journey