NAI’s Fresh Look at the Native Ad Tech Landscape

March 14, 2017 | by David Osman

We got an awesome note from Chad Pollitt about the latest work from Native Advertising Institute: They have categorized 272 companies in the native advertising technology landscape and prepared a killer infographic.


There were two criteria companies had to meet in order to be make the list:

  1. Meet the NAI’s definition of native advertising
  2. Help facilitate, optimize or track native advertising

As the original post from NAI points out, several of the companies fall into multiple categories, so this was no easy task. But we appreciate the solid work and feel good about seeing Storygize in the “DSP/Managed Services Technology” category.

LUMA Partners and ChiefMartec have been publishing similar graphics over the years, but this take on native specifically from NAI is an excellent addition to the growing industry conversation about the native advertising landscape. Keep it coming, guys!

Topics: Native Advertising