The True Trends of Native Advertising for 2017

January 31, 2017 | by David Osman

We’re big fans of the work Native Advertising Institute continues to do in our space, and when Jesper Laursen (its CEO) speaks, we listen.

Based on highlights from the world’s biggest conference on native advertising held at the end of last year, Jesper distilled his takeaways into the nine most important trends for native advertising right now. With original input from players like Mashable, Vayner Media and Contently, here’s a quick and casual summary:

(Storygize got a shout-out, but this is far bigger than us.)

1. Professionalization of the industry

We’re really figuring this out as an industry. We’re getting there, quickly now.

2. A new ecosystem of agencies

Watch out for publishers with in-house content studios!

3. Church and State is not a simple division

How involved should the editorial staff be in the production of native ads?

4. Don’t forget organic reach

The reasons we share editorial content are the same reasons that will make native go viral.

5. Budgets are booming

From 2015 to 2018, publishers will double the share of revenue coming from native ads.

6. One size doesn’t fit all

The key is to have a specific target group in mind for each native campaign.

7. Storytelling is the key

It’s about being willing to downplay your products to make room for real stories.

8. Tech solutions for native are ramping up

New platforms let us scale native advertising. (Yep, platforms like Storygize.)

9. Spread the word

Let your content live in all the different places where your audience is.


Read the original piece here. Big thanks to Jesper and team for putting this together!

PS: If you haven’t downloaded our comprehensive eBook on programmatic native advertising, you can find that here.

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