The Real Reason We Will Spend $53.4B on Native Ads by 2020

November 14, 2016 | by David Osman

 There’s an obvious reason why native is about to make up two thirds of all spend on mobile ads. But there’s also an underlying reason that isn’t being talked about yet. Let’s start there.

What makes this conversation interesting is the shift that is happening in marketing, a shift from interrupting consumer experiences to enhancing them. As marketers, we are now actually responsible for the experiences our audience has online, not just the messages we want to deliver.

Here’s the punch line: It has become binary – either you make a digital experience better or you take away from it.

You don’t need to survey your audience to see that their experiences online are full of interruptions, distractions and noise. Which is why outdated tactics like display advertising don’t cut it. We all know this is the reality, and as an industry, we’re finally starting to act on it.


This is what has enabled native advertising to emerge as the bright new star in the digital marketing ecosystem. And with the ability to buy native programmatically, advertising dollars shift rapidly. On that note, we recently updated the 22-page eBook we wrote on everything marketers need to know about programmatic native advertising. That piece is worth checking out.

Now, back to the obvious reason marketers are expected to spend $53.4B on native advertising by 2020: It freakin’ works!

How? Well, for starters, people pay more attention to native ads and prefer them over other advertising. That matters. When you deliver valuable content to the right audience, you really do enhance their digital experience. That’s how you get attention and put yourself in a position to story tell your way through their journey, all the way to purchase.

Simply put, programmatic native advertising offers media buyers and content marketers a more compelling form of online paid media to promote and distribute content.

It’s what people want. They want a better experience online – and increasingly so on their mobile devices – and the most reliable and meaningful way to provide that is by delivering quality content for your specific audience. And if you want any level of scale with that, take a closer look at programmatic native advertising via our eBook.